For dog

100% natural dog chews (teething rings)  from antlers of the deer


One chew toy - many benefits for the dog and its owners

Produced without any artificial additives, preservatives, taste enhancers, or look enhancers.

Each chew toy is produced manually, of antlers naturally dropped off by wild deer living in

Polish forests. All antlers used for the production of our natural chew toys are subject to rigorous

quality selection. Only the best-quality pieces are selected. The antlers are sterilized with watersteam.




  • A naturals chew toy, lasting for weeks or even months (in the same time, the dog would chew away a few other toys, more expensive in total)
  • A healthy delicacy, also with tooth-cleaning and gum-massaging features (replaces several

tooth-cleaning products)

  • A safe alternative for bones, not recommended as chew toys for dogs
  • A distraction for the dog when the owner wants to divert the pet’s attention
  • A relaxation feature in stressful or new situations for the dog: the dog chews the toy instead of furniture or shoes

How do chew toys affect the dog’s health?

  • they clean the teeth, strengthen the gums,
  • improve blood circulation and metabolism,
  • strengthen the bones, muscles, and joints,
  • improve the immunological system
  • provide many valuable minerals and nutrients



Chew toys of deer antlers contain many valuable nutrients supplementing the healthy diet.

Bone tissue - 54%

Proteins - 32%
Fats - 0,1%
Collagen - 3%
Calcium - 21g/100g
Phosphorus - 10g/100g
Magnesium - 26mg/100g
Iron -  998ppm
Sodium -0,4%
Potassium - 0,02%




How to select the proper size and type of the chew toy?

We offer chew toys in four sizes corresponding to the dog size: S, M, L, and XL. The most important principle is that the chew toy should not fit completely in the dog's muzzle, but should be larger. We offer chew toys in two versions, SOFT and HARD, to be selected depending on the dog's

breed, strength of its jaws, and its inclination to play withchew toys. For dogs with a weaker bite, SOFT chew toys are better, as they feature a lengthwise cut facilitating access to the most tasty delicacy inside. For stronger dogs, HARD chew toys are ideal, because with them the dog needs

more time to access the tasty portion inside.


How does a dog play?

Biting and chewing are natural joys and instinctive occupations for every dog. Dogs love chew toys of antlers, because they give off natural smell that is very exciting for them. Our experience and interviews with dog owners show that a chew toy of antlers is used for ca. 3 hours daily on average. This means 3 hours of biting, chewing, rolling about, licking, fetching, and retrieving. And as each such play means movements, it provides an additional portion of health for our dog.


Why chew toys are so good for teeth and jaws?

A chew toy does not crumble, but is rubbed off. That is why it is very beneficial for the dog's teeth and gums, massaging them and removing tartar. It also strengthens the jaw muscles. We can be confident that the toy will not damage our pet's teeth, because it will not get slippery or sticky.


The “Best from Nature” chew toys are natural and healthy for dogs of all breeds.

Each chew toy is produced manually, of antlers naturally cast off every year in the spring by wild deer living in the Polish forests. They are excellent for dogs of all breeds,ages, and sizes, except for pups and old dogs.


How the deer antlers used to make chew toys are procured?

Some people think that the deer must be killed for its antlers to be used for making chew toys. This is absolutely not true! Deer cast off their antlers yearly, in a natural process taking place approximately from mid-February to late April. The cast-offs can be found at any time of the year, depending on one's luck.


How to keep the chew toy attractive for a long time?

Some owners hide the chew toy for most of the time and give it to the dog only on special occasions: to divert its attention, e.g. from a family meal or a visit of guests, to calm the dog during a longer absence of the owners, or to relax or calm it down after a training. What to do if the dog becomes disinterested in the chew toy? Just immerse the chew toy in boiling water for 2 minutes. This extracts from the toy natural smell sensed by the dog. This procedure sterilizes the toy as well. Also, we recommended to immerse the chew toy in boiling water before giving it to the dog for the first time.


Deer antlers recognized by Polish scientists

  • Deer antlers are one of the fastest-regenerating organs in mammals. They may grow as fast as two centimeters per day, a real wonder in the animal world.
  • This phenomenon has been recognized by Polish scientists who were first in the world to discover outstanding regenerative capabilities in stem cells of antlers. The discovery is successfully utilized in regenerative medicine for humans and animals.
  • The inspiration came from the Chinese natural medicine. Chinese drugstores even nowadays sell powdered deer antlers as a popular medicament for impotence, inflammatory conditions, and spine pains.



Our Best from Nature chews of deer antlers received the award in Pet Fair 2017 in category: products for dogs- dry food, snacks, delicacies, suplements. This is very prestigious award which was

given to our Best from Nature chews in a competetive category during the most important fair pet exhibition in Eastern Europe.


In the prestigious Top for Dog 2017 competition, chews received distinction in the category: Snacks and dental treats.